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I'm Justin, and I live in Boston. I'm a huge geek into process automation and work reduction, and am also an editor at Eat Your Serial. Thanks for dropping by!

Archive for July, 2010

So I was working on redoing my resume last week, because it’s become pretty clear to me that my resume as I wrote it was not working to my advantage. I had format of Education and then below that Employer –> City, date. Beneath the employer, there were bullet points of everything I did. This […]

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The Options, They Are Dwindling

Saturday, July 17th, 2010

By now I’ve applied for somewhere between 50 and 100 jobs, possibly more, but I’ve really lost count. I guess some people might say that’s too low, but I’m targeting the areas I’m interested in instead of anything at all (like gas stations and restaurants, like my dad wants me to do). I’ve applied at […]

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