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I recently bought a shared printer for work and this error appeared, after much googling, I found forum posts from HP with a bunch of people requesting that some mod also send them the solution in a PM.

I made an account and requested that the mod post the solution publicly, but this is apparently against HP policy.

They claim this is due to this method being a last resort which can brick the device, so I take no responsibility for anything that happens to your printer.

Without further ado, here is the solution to HP MFP scanner error 22:

Make sure the printer is connected directly to a wall outlet.

Laserjet 177fw Reset.

This will reset the printer back to factory settings. You would have to configure the network over again.

Turn the printer off. On right side of the display.

Hold your thumb in the bottom right corner inside the screen.

Power on the printer.

Wait till permanent storage appears and remove your thumb off the display.

If you are still having issues, I would call HP Tech Support and inquire about a replacement printer.

Contact HP Worldwide.

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