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I recently watched the movie Predestination which raised some questions for me that I felt coudl have ended the entire movie about halfway through.

Spoiler alert, so you’ll have to click the ‘more’ link to read the rest below.

If Jane had both male and female reproductive organs, but had lived her whole life as a woman, but then had her uterus and ovaries removed due to “excessive bleeding,” couldn’t she still have lived her life as a woman just fine? Surely today doctors would never take such a liberty as building a male sex organ on a woman just because they find testicles insider her without first consulting her. I can only assume the major plot point of this movie fixed on doctors in the 40s and 50s feeling a superiority complex that would never fly today, but it just seems too farfetched to me that they would undertake this operation without consulting the patient beforehand.

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