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So I’ve watched a movies lately. It’s been cold.

Actually there was a reddit thread about movies that are a “mind fuck.”

So I watched this movie and enjoyed it but I ended up wondering 2 things HERE COME SPOILERS

1. If all the people but a few in the house didn’t start in that house, why were they never overrun by multiples of the same person? If everyone decides to leave the house at random times, only to come up on the next house without being able to get back to their own house but not realizing it, there could potentially be 10s of each character just hanging out with each other.

I guess this would have been rather difficult to film but it would make for a fun sequel.

2. What is the obsession these people have with skype? Was this movie all one big skype advertisement? I heard it mentioned 2-3 times in conversation by several characters and then the phone call in the final scene was clearly a skype call on his cell phone. What’s up with that?

One Response to “Coherence movie review”

  1. I said the same thing about Skype. It was really weird.